1. What are the steps I would have to take in order to get everything setup? Maybe 4 or 5 Steps no more than 5.

 Three installation options.

Grid Tied to your Utility (no batteries) Panels/inverters feed directly into your home/farm/business electrical system.

On/Off Grid Tied – Solar Panels and Charge Controllers feed into your home/farm/business electrical system and your battery storage facility. Can operate when power from your Utility is interrupted.

Off Grid Only – Solar Panels and Charge Controllers feed your battery facility. You are not connected to a Utility.

Wind Power can be added to all systems.

2.What are the options for pricing or payment plans if any?


State 50/50 loan program. We can help you apply for this loan through your bank. 50% of the loan will be at zero percent through the Iowa Energy Center.

Please ask about other available grants.