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Freewind personnel are experienced in wind turbine and solar installations. FreeWind is an authorized Dealer of SkyStream® and Bergey® wind turbines and provides environmentally friendly and money saving energy solutions for both homes and businesses.

To learn more about your very own Skystream® or Bergey® wind turbine installation,
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Freewind proudly provides Iowans with wind power, solar energy, and other environmentally friendly solutions. In addition, FreeWind's Green Energy products and services offer safe, clean and cost effective solutions that provide energy independence and lower utility costs while effectively reducing your carbon footprint. Iowa is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, and wind and solar energy are no exception. Iowa ranks among the best locations for harnessing the wind's energy with wind turbines, and to utilize solar energy. In addition, Freewind's windmills and solar energy solutions also qualify for various Federal and State tax credits and rebates.

Advantages of owning a Skystream or Bergey wind turbine:

  • Produce your own energy
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lead by example
  • Sell energy to your utility
  • Lower energy costs
  • Safe guard against future rate increases


Attention Alliant Customers

You may qualify for an Alliant Renewable Energy rebate. Call us for more information



Quotes from Earl DeShaw:

"I've gone from having a $300-$400 light bill to not having one at all."

"I knew right away it was worth the investment I made."

"The electricity I don't use I bank for drying corn...it's one less thing I have to worry about."

"It's good for the environment and good for me!"

"I recommend Freewind LLC to anyone who asks!"

Quotes from Ed Wulfekuhle of Wulfekuhle Electric, LLC:

"I enjoyed working with all of the Freewind personnel. From the initial call to the final installation your team handled themselves in a professional and courteous manner. The products were installed as promised and are performing as described."

"The grant writer you recommended (Sally Chai) did a great job. She was professional and helpful through the entire process."

"I am looking forward to expanding my renewable energy system in the future with Freewind LLC."

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